Guaranteed Car Loan Approval? You Have Other Options!

guaranteed car loan approval in brisbane

With bad credit, getting a car loan can be difficult, if not impossible. Of course, there are companies that offer guaranteed car loan approval. That sounds good, but in most cases it is actually too good to be true. Sure, you can get approved-but at what cost?

The companies that offer guaranteed car loan approval may be taking advantage of your financial situation. These loans can trap you in debt with inflated interest rates and high monthly payments. Your credit score could decline, leaving you worse off than you were before signing a loan contract. You could then be in debt to an organization that promised to give you a second chance.

It is not necessary to give in to desperation-work with us to find a loan that is right for you, your lifestyle, and your financial situation! Businesses that take advantage of your bad credit and manipulate you into a loan that you cannot afford are not only in the wrong, but, in fact, what they are doing is also illegal.

It Is Against the Law of Responsible Lending

Having bad credit can be risky. Lenders may try to take advantage of you. The high rates from contracts with guaranteed car loan approval can result in you struggling to make payments month to month and possibly even having your car repossessed!

The Australian Credit Law prohibits lending money to somebody without first doing a budget to see if the responsible party can afford the monthly payments. Loans should never be approved without first being certain that the other party can pay it off.

When thinking of applying to loans, there are two very important things to consider: what the loan is for and how you plan on paying it back. With a clear idea of both these things in mind, your chances of approval improve. It is also important to make sure you are aware of any and all fees you may incur, so that your monthly bill does not end up too high for you to pay off. Read any contracts carefully, and ask questions about anything that is unclear.


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The Good News? You Have Options.

Fortunately, guaranteed car loan approval is not the only way to get a loan with bad credit. We personalize each application and assign you a case manager. They will assist you in going over your application, discuss your financial situation, and find out if there is a way to work within your budget to get you approved.

There is no reason you should lose out on life's simple pleasures because your finances are all tied up in loans. That is why the case manager assigned to your application will make sure that if you get approved, you can afford it. There is no point in having a car if you cannot afford to keep it, enjoy it, and pay it off for a reasonable amount. We want you to be able to make your monthly payments with ease.

We not only try to get you reasonable car loan rates, but we also try to work with you to improve your credit. We are a Credit Reference Provider, licensed under the National Credit Act. After successfully obtaining a loan from us and paying it off, your chances of getting credit anywhere else improves.

Do not fall for guaranteed car loan approval, which can leave you with high interest rates, expensive monthly payments, and hidden costs and fees. It is not just costly, but illegal for companies to offer you loans you cannot pay off. Come to us instead! Our case managers will help you with your application and assist you in responsibly budgeting for your new car loan.


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