Cars on Terms Offers Car Loans for People with Bad Debt or Credit Problems

car loans with past problems in Brisbane

Are you looking for a new car? If so, this can be a fun and exciting time, at least until you start talking about auto financing. This is especially true if you have bad debt or credit problems. In fact, if you have less than stellar credit, many traditional lenders may not be willing to offer you a car loan. If you are facing this problem, do not panic, Cars on Terms can help. We offer people affordable car loans with past problems and bad credit.

There are many reasons why your credit score may be less than perfect, including the loss of a job, an illness, an accident, or an injury. Maybe you just made poor financial decisions in the past or have a difficult time managing your money. No matter what caused your poor credit report, we can still help you obtain car loans with past problems. We will even be sure to set up a loan payment that you can afford.

We Give Second Chances

We firmly believe that everyone deserves a second chance. We will work with you on an individualized basis to determine what type of auto loan is right for your specific situation. We work with many clients that may have a difficult time obtaining a conventional auto loan, including the unemployed, single moms and single dads, pensioners, and those who are self-employed.

At Cars on Terms, we work hard to help all of our clients get cars loans with past problems and/or bad credit. This even includes those who have filed for bankruptcy in the past and those who have past or current defaults listed on their credit report. Instead of focusing on your past, we can help you move towards a great future with a vehicle of your own.


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Start to Rebuild Your Credit

Best of all, once you start a new car loan with us, you will be on the path to rebuilding your credit. We will mark each payment as it is paid on time, and slowly your credit rating score will start to improve. This will help you when applying for other types of loans, such as a home equity loan or even a home mortgage.


We Offer Top Quality Vehicles

Just because you have bad credit does not mean that you have to settle for a low-quality car and hope it gets you where you need to go. Instead, when you work with Cars on Terms, we help you obtain car loans with past problems for high-quality cars that will last for many years to come. We also offer a large inventory of vehicles for you to select from, so you can shop around our lot until you find the right one for you.

In addition, we offer great warranties with our vehicles to give you peace of mind that we only sell cars in good working condition. We even offer great rates for all our vehicles, and you will find that our interest rates for our car loans with past problems are very reasonable. This will allow you to find a car in our inventory that matches your style and fits your personal budget.

Stop by Cars on Terms in Brisbane today to see for yourself everything we have to offer. Our friendly and knowledgeable sales team will be more than happy to show you around our lot. Most importantly, you do not have to panic when it comes time to meet with our finances team. We will show you the high level of courtesy and respect you deserve. Remember, we specialize in helping people obtain car loans with past problems and/or bad credit. Come by today and get the vehicle you need for a price you can afford.


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